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Spelling - Word Work
Work your way through the spelling lists 1-5, in your Learning Journal, 5 words at a time and practising regularly (every weekday). How many words can you learn in one night? Keep practising and testing yourself. Have a buddy test you at school when you have a Word Work slot or have finished your set work. Update you Words from my Writing sheet with the next 5 words at your OWN pace. How quickly you move through the list is up to YOU.

When you can correctly spell ALL of the words in these 5 lists, then you are an AWESOME SPELLER! If you cannot yet correctly spell some/all of the words, then keep chipping away. Soon you will become an awesome speller too.
Send your teacher an email when you have correctly mastered these 5 lists.
    1. Spell-Write List 1
    2. Spell-Write List 2
    3. Spell-Write List 3
    4. Spell-Write List 4
    5. Spell-Write List 5
You Can Spell
Now you can start adding words from your You Can Spell lists to your
Words from my Writing sheet from the buddy tests at school. Only list 5 words at a time to learn and update your list as soon as you have learned them. You can also add words from your List 6, 7 and Commonly Misspelt words spelling test if you need to make up the 5.
    1. Spell-Write List 6
    2. Spell-Write List 7
    3. Commonly Misspelt Words
Errors in my writing
Finally, when you need more words to make up the 5 for home learning and Word Work time, look through both your Learning and Inquiry Journals. Use words from here that you have needed to correct. Look for the SP notation or your own red pen editing. Make sure you use a dictionary!!! There is no point in learning these words incorrectly.
Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 4.07.11 PM.pngNon-Fiction and Articles
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Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 4.07.11 PM.pngFiction and Stories
Class Shared Novel - Each Little Bird That Sings

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three & Four
Students have unlimited free access at school (9am to 3pm) and limited free homework access.
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You will need to work with a partner or a parent on this site as it involves lots of discussions
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Read & Listen To On-line Stories
Star Fall - I'm Reading
Reading Planet
BBC - The Little Animals
Choose WITH sound
Stories to grow by
Robert Munsch
MemFox - Australian Stories
On-line story time
Poetry For Kids
Storyline - online
The Arabian Nights
Story Videos
Practise Reading Comrehension Skills